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Healthy children are happy children

Good nutrition is essential during childhood, as it is a time of rapid growth, development and activity. To help children develop patterns of healthy eating habits from an early age, it is important that the food which children are exposed to outside the home, promotes positive attitudes and enjoyment of healthy food.  That’s why our food menus are devised with the imagination and expertise of our qualified Chefs, following the Early Years guidelines, in association with a Paediatric Dietician.

Our menus are displayed in the Pre-Prep reception area on the Chef’s Board. This board will provide all the information you need to ensure you are fully informed of the meals your child is enjoying throughout their day.

Eating is about more than food.  It is a social experience; giving children time to interact and strengthen bonds with their peers and their key persons.  Our children are encouraged to foster independence by setting the tables before the meal and through the self-serving of their own meals.  This educates them about portion control, providing healthy eating habits which will stay with them for life. The children are praised for their efforts throughout the mealtime, ensuring it is an enjoyable experience for them.

Our expert chefs are equipped to cater for serious allergies, intolerances and any cultural preferences. Whilst following our own internal procedure, we will work with you with minimum fuss, but with the maximum attention to each individual child.

At Little Rascals Pre-Prep, children enjoy home-cooked food at mealtimes which are nutritionally prepared for us at our sister nursery.

Our nursery chef

Emma, our nursery chef is passionate about preparing healthy and delicious food for our children.  She prepares all our meals fresh each day, and loves to see the children enjoying the meals she has prepared.